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online life coaching sessions

Choose what suits you


Introductory meeting
of 1 hour

We discuss without obligation what you would like to receive coaching for and what I can do for you as a coach.

65 €

Individual coaching session
of 1 hour

After the free introductory meeting you can choose to book separate sessions. I recommend at least 3 separate sessions. Price incl. 21% VAT

275 €

Coaching program consisting of 5 sessions of 1 hour

This complete coaching trajectory consists of 5 sessions that you book within a maximum period of 4 months. That is a discount of 50 € in total compared to the individual sessions. Price incl. 21% VAT

120 €

Business rate
per session of 1 hour

A business rate applies to companies. After an intake with the organization and the employee, I draw up a quote and a coaching plan. Price excl. 21% VAT

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